Deck A Day Challenge

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I felt compelled to try to work off the calories before they came in. I find this holiday time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve to be incredibly disruptive and inconsistent for my scheduling. It’s also in the heart of the outseason, and difficult for me to motivate myself for a consistent schedule at times. I came up with the idea of doing a deck-a-day challenge, and made a group on Facebook. It’s free to join, and each day I post a new workout for others to participate in. This is a Facebook-only group, so if you’re not on, sorry.

Here are the instructions – if you’re so compelled, join in and #InviteEveryone


– Each day, I’ll post a suggested Deck of the Day workoutIMG_0939
– Download a Workout of the Day (WOD) deck app, or use a deck of cards (I like
– Each suit of cards will be designated an exercise (example: hearts = squats)
– Each number on the card represents the number of reps of that exercise (example: 8 = 8 reps; so from above example, 8 of Hearts = 8 squats)
– Number cards are the numbers listed; face cards equal:

– Flip the first card (or hit “go” on your app), do that exercise, and then flip the next card.
– Continue until the deck is done.

– For exercises that are single side (lunge, for example), one rep = one movement on each side (left lunge, right lunge = 1)

– if you can’t do a particular exercise, swap it out with one you can do.
– Do one that is your least favorite. If you can’t do what I recommend, do one that equally sucks. That’s how we grow.

Summer Fridays

10443184_775603055796287_6356676578259638264_o 10403747_775602495796343_1949770796973985158_o

Summer Fridays are in full effect with November Project NYC. Yesterday’s celebration of America and oddity was a series of plank jumping team things, then lunge and inchworm sets, then skin the snake (which certainly brought us all closer together), and then suicide runs. And if that doesn’t make sense, that’s just fine. Come find out for yourself – next Friday’s location will be announced on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 6:28 am, Gracie Mansion. Just show up!

November Project NYC


For the last three weeks, I’ve been waking up in the 5s to run with the beginning of the November Project NYC group. With a small collective of fewer than 10 people for the first two weeks I was there (which were weeks 4 and 5, or 5 and 6 overall), we were a November Project pledge group, trying to get recognized by the official NP.

The group met at Gracie Mansion on the Upper East Side and ran up to the Randall’s Island foot bridge, where we did a hill workout on the (icy) bridge, peppered with exercises after each interval. And dancing. And high fives and fuck yeahs. It was a fun way to start my day, so I’ve come back, despite Wednesday seemingly being the coldest day of each week. Image

So what is this all about? The group is an offset of the famed November Project (Runner’s World cover!), our group was trying to get recognized by the official November Project as a tribe, which required a deadpan photo of the runners at the end of each workout. I think this is why I like the group: it’s part Fight Club, part run club, and totally void of egos. And they hug.

So today was a big day: we were officially welcomed as one of the #Turbo15 and made a legit group. Our group nearly doubled in size this week. 

We broke into two groups and then pairs and alternated between doing stair/grotto loops and core (push-ups, planks, burps, dips, and dancing). The workout ended with a relay race, a group hug, and singing Happy Birthday to our badass bearded co-leader Paul, who gets dressed in the dark each week.

We meet every Wednesday at 6:28 am at 88th & the East River (Gracie Mansion). It’s totally free. And totally awesome. Come, and bring a friend.