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I’m quoted in this article about the recent incident at Planet Fitness regarding transgender inclusion in sports.

shapePlanet Fitness, known for a “Judgment Free Zone” policy designed to make all gym-goers feel welcome, is standing by its code after a Michigan customer recently objected to a transgender woman in the female locker rooms, saying she thought the person was a man. The gym revoked the customer’s membership after receiving her formal complaint, and asked her to stop talking about the incident to other gym members, according tonews reports. In a statement, Planet Fitness said that, according to their policy, their customers can use the locker rooms (and all other gym facilities) based on the gender they identify with.”

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LGBT Sports Coalition urges CrossFit to change policy posted a statement from the LGBT Sports Coalition today urging CrossFit to allow Chloie Jönnson to compete against women. If you haven’t already seen or signed my petition with GLAAD urging the same thing, please check it out.

Trans* athletes face discrimination and inequalities in many areas of athletics, which is why it is so important that Chloie’s case be documented and discussed – hopefully this will bring about change for CrossFit and other organizations will take notice.

“An organization cannot rightfully claim to welcome trans athletes with ‘open arms’ and then create conditions which prevent them from participating,” said triathlete and founder Chris Mosier.

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