The Endorsement: The Elements of Style


Screenshot from The Sufferfest video The Elements of Style

You may know that I’m a proud Knight of Sufferlandria, and thereby a huge fan of The Sufferfest videos for indoor training.Today marks the release of a totally different but totally awesome video, The Elements of Style

This is a 39-minute drill session to train you to get the most out of your cycling. Intended on “making your Suffering look effortless,” the video give six drills to improve form, posture and efficiency, as well as a great nine-point checklist to improve body position. It features the usual great cycling footage – this time specially filmed for this particular video – and perfect soundtrack, along with commentary from Eurosport’s Carlton Kirby, one of the best cycling commentators in the world (with a wonderful accent). 

This is not the usual suffering; it is a compliment to make you suffer better. I’d say this is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their pedal stroke and efficiency on the bike.

This morning I tested my own style and it was excellent. While this isn’t a hammer ’til it’s over type of session, it will help you hammer harder in the future. This was a great video for my taper week as well.

Well done, Sir David! I approve.


Trainer Road

This morning I did a trainer session with the website/app Trainer Road. If you are training with power, this is a phenomenal help – it keeps you in your appropriate range to get most benefits from your interval, tempo, or other non-softpedalling workouts. Trainer Road also syncs up with The Sufferfest training videos, which makes for monster workouts.

I’m getting antsy after taking a little time off. I was running earlier in the week, but had a bit of pain. February is all about recovery and working on functional strength and healing. My next scheduled event is in August, although there will certainly be more before then.




The Knighthood journey was a great opportunity to test my nutrition plan for my upcoming HITS 140.6 race. I used the 15 First Endurance EFS shots (about 1500 calories and they never started to taste bad!) and had 6.5 chocolate peanut coconut rice cakes from the Feedzone Cookbook recipe (about 1800 calories). If it sounds like a lot, it was and it wasn’t: it was about 250 calories per hour in total, and I spent about 6000 calories. I tolerated the rice cakes well, and hope to use them in the race, if I can figure out how to carry them.

In all, I had only one period of stomach distress at around hour 5. I took ingested some salt and felt better by hour 6. I did notice that it was difficult for me to be in the aero position immediately after drinking; I’ve had this problem before.

Great test run for the race!

Knighthood Eve

I’m prepping for tomorrow’s knighthood session. I won’t call it an attempt, at this point, because There Is No Try: I’m doing it.

The plan is to rise and shine early to eat and have a coffee, then to start at 7 am EST. I’m going to begin with There Is No Try and end with It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time. Other than that, I’m going to put all the names into a hat and draw as I go to keep it random. If I pull Extra Shot or the Long Scream, I’ll do them but they won’t count.

I’ll be posting updates during breaks if I have time on my Facebook page.

This ride is raising donations of small goods and money for Hetrick Martin Institute and Ali Forney Center, two NYC organizations doing amazing things for homeless LGBT youth. To find out what I’m collecting and how you can be involved, click here.

Time to set up the water bottles, set out the kits, and drink more water!