Coaches Corner Delivers LGBTQ Resources and Community for Women’s Sports Professionals

CC-LogoThere’s a great new LGBTQ resource for coaches in women’s sports called Coaches Corner. From the press release:

Br{ache the Silence Co-founders, Nevin Caple and Colleen McCaffrey teamed up with the NCAA, National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA), National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), Women’s Sports Foundation, Equality Coaches Alliance, SHAPE America and fellow sports advocates, including Pat Griffin, Karen Morrison, Sue Rankin, Sherri Murrell, Kirk Walker and Charley Sullivan to create Coaches Corner, an online networking platform and comprehensive resource for LGBTQ inclusion in women and girl sports.

“In response to the steady decline of women coaches, and limited accessibility to LGBTQ resources that address topics such as intra-team dating, finding common ground in religion and working with parents of athletes, strategic partnerships between coaches and sports advocacy thought leaders will help Coaches Corner deliver an inclusive platform, creating safer, supportive environments for women coaches,” says Nevin Caple.

Created for coaches and athletic administrators at all levels of women and girls sports, the interactive tool provides research, educational and legal resources, news and events, and policy recommendations and best practices, while giving members the opportunity to participate in webinars, join discussion forums and panels, blog, mentor, activate inclusion campaigns and create a supportive community.

The Coaches Corner website,, was developed by BTS Co-founder, Colleen McCaffrey and conceptualized in collaboration with Coaches Corner partners. The interactive website is the first of its kind to target coaching professionals in women and girls sports of all sexual orientations and gender identities. The site was partially funded by grants from Nike, the LGBT Sports Coalition and Arcus Foundation.

“Coaches Corner is an incredible new resource for all coaches of women’s sports. The opportunity to create community, gather support and find important resources are all here in an easily accessible online format,” says Pat Griffin, Professor Emerita at University of Massachusetts Amherst. “At a time when the numbers of high school and college women coaches is going down, Coaches Corner is a timely resource for new and veteran women coaches.”

Check it out here.


12 Running Mistakes You Could Be Making

12 Running Mistakes You Could Be Making

Some of my running tips are featured in this article on

Every runner hopes to avoid injuries, boost fitness and improve health, but — newbie or pro — all runners are vulnerable to some missteps that can dash those goals. Don’t fall prey to hubris. “Any runner who reads the list of mistakes will agree with every tip the experts offer,” says Matt Fitzgerald, sports nutritionist and author of “The New Rules of Marathon and Half-Marathon Nutrition,” “but there will be those who believe, with every fiber of their being, that they don’t need to follow [the advice] because it just couldn’t possibly apply to them.” Read on to make sure you’re not sabotaging yourself with some of these common running mistakes.


Top LGBT moments in sports – San Diego

Top LGBT moments in sports – San Diego

I was pleasantly surprised to see the launch of Trans* Athlete made the San Diego Gay & Lesbian News’ list of Top LGBT Moments in Sports for 2013. As policies change and more schools and organizations contribute policies to the site, Trans* Athlete should remain relevant for years to come. But it’s very exciting to be included on this big list of major moments for 2013!

Launch of new site

It’s taken about six months, but I’m happy to announce the launch of my new site, Trans* Athlete, a resource for students, athletes, coaches, and administrators to find information about trans* inclusion in athletics at various levels of play.

This will be an evolving resource, so please pass along anything you know of that should be listed. Please check it out!