Huffington Post Article

My first blog post as part of a series produced by The Huffington Post in conjunction with the Sochi 2014 Olympics is now live. The series is part of the Impact Sports initiative, which examines the intersection of sports and social good. I was connected to HuffPost through You Can Play Project and I’m super excited to see it posted.

The post is basically about the day my Olympic dream died. Writing it was a challenge, because it puts me at risk for ineligibility in triathlon, but I think it is an important read. I also know that the comments will probably turn to a stream of “what is fair” so I’ll likely avoid them.

Read the article here

And special thanks to Christina Kahrl, who took time to look it over when I was nervous and needed an extra set of eyes.

Caitlin Cahow

As part of yesterday’s panel, I was fortunate enough to meet 2x Olympic medalist hockey player and US delegate to the Sochi Games Caitlin Cahow. I’ve read a few interviews with and columns by her recently, one of my favorites being her piece online at USA Today – and it was great to hear her talk about going to Russia and get a brief glimpse into her experience as an out world class athlete. Caitlin is a great role model and representative of our country and I’m honored to have gotten a chance to meet her and hear her speak.