Rev3 Poconos Preview




This weekend is the Rev3 Poconos race – my first and only Rev3 race (now that they have merged with the Challenge Family). The Athlete Guide came out on Tuesday and had a few interesting points about the race. Here are my quick impressions leading up to the weekend:

  • Two transitions and point to point race. I did this in my first half (Ironman 70.3 in Providence, Rhode Island). Pain in the ass. 
  • Lake swim. Okay.
  • Much flatter bike course than I had heard or had imagined. A quick decent and then rollers.
  • I don’t care about the run because I’m not doing it. (more in a minute)
  • I need to leave immediately after to catch a flight to Denver.

I booked this race in April, back when my leg was hurting badly. I registered for the Aquabike Half, which is a 1.2 mile swim and 56 mile bike and DONE. I’ve never done one of these before. I’m excited. I think it was a wise choice then, and a decent choice now because I’m not totally pumped about this race. After being totally drained after Gay Games, I’ve admittedly let my training slip a bit in the last month. 

I imagine I will still have a decent race. There is the “what if” – as in, what if I had fully trained for this, how would I have done – but to be honest, I’m exhausted. It’s been about three weeks of waking up every day feeling totally empty and spent. I have been training consistently since the beginning of September last year when I was cleared from my collar bone surgery and immediately started my 140.6 training. I’ve had a stellar season. I’m ready to be done.

Not the most enthusiastic way to go into a race, I know. I’m looking to have fun, cheer on my teammates who actually DID do the work, and end my season happily. 

Stay tuned for results!




Pool session

I’m feeling good in the pool – did 3300 meters today, and could have done more. I think the key next step to my swim is checking form. I keep a running checklist of things to do while I swim (people ask what I think about during races: in the swim, I’m always thinking about swimming), but I know that form slips over time. And then I see some other folks in the pool, flailing arms and major imbalances in their strokes, and wonder exactly how far off my self image is to reality for my own stroke. 

Final 20-mile run

Today was my final 20-mile run leading up to the HITS Naples Full triathlon. It was a struggle to get out of the door, and a struggle to stay out. It is December 22 and it was 70 degrees in NYC today, so there was no excuse not to do the run. I originally planned a ride to Bear Mountain, but didn’t leave early enough. Looking over my schedule, I decided the run was more important, so run it was.

I tried to really nail my nutrition this run. I was right on in terms of intake, using First Endurance EFS shots of Kona Mocha at :45, 1:25, 2:05, and 2:45. The first 11 miles were outside – over the Queens bridge, into Brooklyn, over the Williamsburg bridge, and home for water. I didn’t carry any and I needed it badly. The second half was a struggle again, but my negotiation was to do it on the treadmill so I could drink.

Pace was around 8:20/mile average, and distance was over 20 miles, but the treadmill stopped once so I lost the exact number.

In all, tough run mentally but this was huge confidence builder for me in my final week of hard training.