Deck A Day Challenge

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I felt compelled to try to work off the calories before they came in. I find this holiday time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve to be incredibly disruptive and inconsistent for my scheduling. It’s also in the heart of the outseason, and difficult for me to motivate myself for a consistent schedule at times. I came up with the idea of doing a deck-a-day challenge, and made a group on Facebook. It’s free to join, and each day I post a new workout for others to participate in. This is a Facebook-only group, so if you’re not on, sorry.

Here are the instructions – if you’re so compelled, join in and #InviteEveryone


– Each day, I’ll post a suggested Deck of the Day workoutIMG_0939
– Download a Workout of the Day (WOD) deck app, or use a deck of cards (I like
– Each suit of cards will be designated an exercise (example: hearts = squats)
– Each number on the card represents the number of reps of that exercise (example: 8 = 8 reps; so from above example, 8 of Hearts = 8 squats)
– Number cards are the numbers listed; face cards equal:

– Flip the first card (or hit “go” on your app), do that exercise, and then flip the next card.
– Continue until the deck is done.

– For exercises that are single side (lunge, for example), one rep = one movement on each side (left lunge, right lunge = 1)

– if you can’t do a particular exercise, swap it out with one you can do.
– Do one that is your least favorite. If you can’t do what I recommend, do one that equally sucks. That’s how we grow.


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