The “Off” Season

I just finished reading this great blog from my most favorite finishlinepttraining partner, Finish Line Physical Therapy, about the “off season”, AKA the “Get Started Season.” It led me to do a little reflecting about my off season so far.

I haven’t yet mentally wrapped up my season this year. I think sitting down and reviewing my achievements and challenges will help me better prepare for next year – which I haven’t mentally done yet either, with the exception of knowing two races I want to do… but not the dates of said races, so I obviously haven’t really started planning for next season yet either.

I believe this time is necessary. My season started very early for 2014, with my training for an A race beginning in September 2013, and my final 2014 race in September. A full year of training and racing was a lot for me. Since my final race, I’ve been running for fun, strength training, and working on mobility and imbalances. In the past month I’ve been committed to fixing some of the kinks that came from my long season through stretching, trigger point, foam rolling, and functional movement training. And now that marathon is over, I’ve been able to get in at Finish Line to get some real work done.

My goals for the early off season are:
1. address heel pain/plantar fasciitis in left foot (an issue since this time last year)
2. improve hip mobility and increase range of motion in hip extension
3. return left shoulder to normal range of motion and remove the sticks around my clavicle scar
4. prioritize posterior & strengthen my backside

Later, probably (although again, not fully thought out yet)
1. private swim coaching
2. cycling heavy block
3. core strength

The “off season” is a nice time to do fun activities, move away from the rigidity of a schedule, and not beat myself up for sleeping in or not working out if I need an off day. It’s also been great to explore bike messengering, spend more time at home, and work on GO! Athletes work. I haven’t yet hit that restless feeling, so I know we’re still in phase one.

Check out the Finish Line blog post and think about your off season!


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