This week was a great week of panels, starting with an #outforwork panel on Monday at Fordham University, and followed by a Queerness in Athleticism panel on Wednesday.

The Out for Work panel was with a variety of folks in different professions, talking about coming out at work, being out while applying to jobs, and how to share or not share information on a resume or in the workplace. The perspectives were diverse and interesting. I focused on my athletics and higher education experiences and coming out as both queer and trans*. I also learned about the Bronx, as three of the panelists were from the Bronx and shared more about my least-visited borough.


Wednesday’s Queerness in Athleticism panel at CUNY was great. Moderated by Truett L Vaigneur Jr, the panel consisted of 3 people I love and 2 new folks who were great to meet as well. My perspective as the only trans* athlete on the panel was a bit different – we talked a lot about bonding and fitting in on a team – but I think added a good dimension to the conversation. I really enjoy doing panels, despite looking like I’m sleeping in this photo:

cuny_clags_102914 cuny_clags2_102914Missing in this shot is the amazing Nevin Caple, who had to jet out pre-photo.


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