The Endorsement: The Elements of Style


Screenshot from The Sufferfest video The Elements of Style

You may know that I’m a proud Knight of Sufferlandria, and thereby a huge fan of The Sufferfest videos for indoor training.Today marks the release of a totally different but totally awesome video, The Elements of Style

This is a 39-minute drill session to train you to get the most out of your cycling. Intended on “making your Suffering look effortless,” the video give six drills to improve form, posture and efficiency, as well as a great nine-point checklist to improve body position. It features the usual great cycling footage – this time specially filmed for this particular video – and perfect soundtrack, along with commentary from Eurosport’s Carlton Kirby, one of the best cycling commentators in the world (with a wonderful accent). 

This is not the usual suffering; it is a compliment to make you suffer better. I’d say this is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their pedal stroke and efficiency on the bike.

This morning I tested my own style and it was excellent. While this isn’t a hammer ’til it’s over type of session, it will help you hammer harder in the future. This was a great video for my taper week as well.

Well done, Sir David! I approve.


One thought on “The Endorsement: The Elements of Style

  1. I love the phrasing. ‘Making your suffering look effortless’ and ‘suffering better’. As a relative newbie to road cycling, but not to activity and fitness, any tips on how to increase my suffering so I can become a bonafide knight are very helpful! Brilliant.

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