The day before NYC Triathlon

Tomorrow is the 2014 Panasonic NYC Triathlon! This race gives me the feelings every time I think about it – it’s a pretty significant race for a number of reasons.06triathlon2-popup

This will be my third time doing the race. It was my second tri ever in 2009, and my first Olympic distance race. Two years later, it was the race that put me 100% out, with a profile in the New York TImes

The photos from the NY Times piece were great, but there were some factual inaccuracies that frustrated me, along with my exchanges in the interview and contact after the interview. Through this process, I discovered a strong desire to be out because I did not know of any trans guys who were competitive after transitioning categories, but I also have a need to maintain boundaries and privacy of my personal life. This was the start of my ongoing battle with the challenges of being out. 

The feedback from the article was mostly positive, and I won’t relive the negative here but it was about what I expected. This race brings up all of this every year. IMG_7520

Last year I was unable to do the race because of my fractured clavicle, so this year is a make up, but because of timing, I plan on racing it at about 80% – making it more of a workout than a race. Next weekend is the Gay Games in Cleveland, where I’ll be doing an Olympic distance tri. The Gay Games race is more important to me, and I don’t want to jeopardize my ability to perform well there by going all out tomorrow.

This should prove to be a challenge, with about 40+ teammates from Empire Tri Club also doing the race. It will take a disciplined approach to not push it. I would be pleased to knock a bit of time off my finish at 80% but with realistic expectations I may not do that (but I feel like a better athlete now, despite not being as well trained).

Racing for fun is an odd idea to me. I’ve done “fun runs” where there is no timing or placements, but being a competitive person, I find it difficult to grasp the concept of not racing a race. Tomorrow I’m going to try. Or tri. 

So here’s the plan:

Swim: do better than last time (last time I grabbed a kayak mid-swim). Try to keep my goggles water free. Try to not drink any of the Hudson. Think about Dave. 

T1: faster T1 than last time. I have a closer transition to swim and bike out, so if I don’t hit this, something is wrong. 

Bike: Keep a steady tempo pace. If that’s faster than last time, great. If not, I deserve it because I have not been prioritizing cycling lately.

T2: whatever

Run: hopefully still beat my 7:49/mile average from last race, but also stop for photos at November Project’s cheering section, and Empire’s aid station. 

I got good sleep last night, so I’m not worried about tonight. My alarm is going to ring at about 4:15 am so I can get to transition by 5. And with that, it’s time to do some visualizations and recheck my things before bed. 


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