Since May 18, I’ve been allowed to run outside with the conditions of 4 miles or less, slow, pain-free, and every other day at max. I cheated on the 4 miles part a bit. 

– Sunday, May 18: 3.9 miles. Good!
– Tuesday, May 20: 2.6 miles. Stopped because of pain. Not good! Didn’t count this.
– Wednesday, May 21: 4.1 miles (to and from November Project, but didn’t do workout. Just a LOT of planks). Okay.
– Thursday, May 22: 5.6 miles easy to and from Empire speed work workout. Okay. Didn’t do workout.
– Friday, May 23: ride
– Saturday: swim
– Sunday: ride
– Monday: run 4 miles. Good.
-Tuesday: ride
– Wednesday: 6.9 miles (to and from November Project, did not do the workout). Leg did not hurt, but was annoyed. 

Here’s today’s surprise distance: Image


Friday I’m back at Finish Line for a follow up on this. Slow progress, but I’m feeling slightly better. I’ve been off and on with the Aleve, and I’ve been experimenting a bit with pace through running by feel. It feels a little better to run faster than at a slower pace.

So, progress! I’m forcing myself to not get too excited and do too much too soon, but I did sign up for a June race, which made me feel a little better.


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