Cleared for outdoor running

Last week I ran twice on the AlterG treadmill at Finish Line PT. The first session on Wednesday was 35 minutes at 75% bodyweight, which was a slow go but still pain-free. After, my back hurt a bit.

Thursday I went to my general doctor and gave the whole story about my leg and back. He said it would be overkill to do any scans or imaging of my back just yet, and suggested taking Naproxen for two weeks to reduce the inflammation of the back and leg, suggesting that it might be muscle spasms that haven’t been able to sort themselves out. My leg has been feeling better since it’s ocean soak last weekend, so I agreed with his overall assessment and have been taking Naproxen 3x daily. 

Friday I returned to Finish Line and did another 4 mile run on the AlterG, this time at 85%, which then cleared me to run outside. What a relief! The specifics are:
– 4 miles max
– slowly and PAIN FREE
– rest at least one day between runs
– no speedwork, no hills, nothing crazy 
– be attentive to terrain
– after two weeks of this, I’ll be cleared to integrate running back into my training

It is awesome to be back outside on the run. Yesterday I ran four pain-free miles uptown. And then immediately went home and signed up for a race. 🙂



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