Yesterday (5/14) I ran for 35 minutes on the AlterG treadmill – PAIN FREE! I did a 9 minute pace at 75% of my body weight – better to start slowly than to risk jumping in too quickly. I felt good while running, and then did a series of hip flexor stretches and calf rolling/trigger point after. Following this, my lower back started to hurt again. 

The injury report card has been updated to reflect new progress and issues for my doctor appointment today with my GP:

4/30 rest, saw orthopedic, got x-ray (negative)
5/1 rest, did MRI (negative)
5/2 rest
5/3 rest, did ultrasound of leg (negative), back hurt
5/4 rode 81.8 miles, leg hurt slightly when pulling up on pedals, back hurt going up hills
5/5 rode 36 miles, back hurt slightly
5/6 rest
5/7 saw PT, did exercises & light soft tissue work. Recommended seeing GP
5/8 calf hurt
5/9 vacation! spent time in salt water which seemed to help. 
5/10 calf hurt walking in sand, back hurt sitting at dinner
5/11 back hurt sitting at dinner
5/12 back hurt, leg felt great
5/13 leg hurt walking home. rode 25 miles. felt back pain
5/14 35 min on AlterG. Felt mostly good after, some back pain
Tonight I see the doctor with a long list of complaints, although I do feel like I’m on the mend. The key, I think, is to take it slowly. 



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