Battling injury

This season has been a wild ride already, and it has barely even started. Call it getting old, or just the accumulation of too much – my legs have been revolting against me this year. After my great race in Florida, I’ve had a series of back and forth compensation injuries that have resulted in two weeks of nothing.

It started with a very tight hamstring and hip flexor on my right side. Through physical therapy at the totally awesome Finish Line Physical Therapy in NYC, I sorted that out and have incorporated a stretch routine that has helped a lot (although I still have very tight muscles). The pain moved and showed up in the form of plantar faciatis on my left foot, which was resolved (mostly) through a few exercises and a change in shoes. I’ve also added insoles with arch support, which have been weird to run on but helped. 


Recovery in the NormaTec sleeves at Finish Line Physical Therapy.

During this time – about a month ago – I was doing about 30 miles per week of running, and was building back in speed after the hamstring was cleared. My best run was a 10K averaging 5:40/min miles on the way to work. Most of my runs were in the 7 minute mile range and felt okay. I wasn’t doing hill or speed work, but mostly building base. 

About two and a half weeks ago, I was running and felt a pain in my right calf. I continued to run on it. And I ran another time on it too, in great pain. I went back to Finish Line and got some work done on it, and was told to rest and let it recover. I cycled three times in those two weeks, and swam once. No running, no major stretching on the calf. I did light rolling every other or every third day, and some self massage. It hurt to walk. It didn’t get better. At my two week follow up appointment, it still hurt to jog across the street. 

My PT did some soft tissue work on it this week, and recommended an appointment with an orthopedic specialist. Still no running, and I need to stop immediately if I feel any pain. 

The major concern is a stress fracture; a calf strain should have healed by now. 

So my NYC tri training plan is on hold right now, and it’s a game of wait and see until next week. I’ve been doing some strength training in the meantime to keep myself moving, but I’m getting antsy for an answer.


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