Tell CrossFit to change it’s anti-transgender policy

CrossFit outed and disqualified Chloie Jonnson from competition because she was a transgender woman. 

Last year, Chloie Jonnson registered to compete in the CrossFit Games, a contest aimed at determining the fittest man and woman. Chloie is a transgender woman, has been living as a woman since her teenage years, and registered as such.

Chloie was then anonymously outed to CrossFit as a transgender woman. The response of CrossFit was to invalidate her registration and state that all athletes must register and compete under their birth gender.

I helped to create this petition with GLAAD via MoveOn.Org to tell CrossFit to change its discriminatory policies for transgender athletes. With the work I do regarding policies and inclusion, I can say without a doubt that this is discrimination, plain and simple. 

An organization cannot rightfully claim to “welcome trans* athletes with open arms” and then create conditions which prevent them from participating.

Check out the petition and please sign and share HERE



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