Snow Run

My favorite time to run is when it is precipitating.Image

I love rain runs, regardless of the temperature. Today I saw it was snowing but the streets were clear (at least to start), so I went off for a snow run in Central Park. There was a light dusting of snow when I started, and about halfway through there was nearing half to three quarters of an inch on the road inside of the park. The sun went down and there were maybe five other runners out with me, along with parents walking their children and sleds to the hills inside the park. The ground was quiet, with each foot fall being absorbed into the snow. The flakes kept falling, sometimes straight down, and sometimes directly into my face, regardless of the direction I was going. My quick run turned into 8.2 miles. While we’ve hit the point in winter where everyone is complaining, I think it’s absolutely beautiful.

And as a quick aside, the Nike Element Shield jacket and Nike Element Shield tights I recently got in Chicago before the F^3 Lake Half Marathon are amazing. They’ve definitely proven to be the best investment I’ve made in gear in a while. They’re waterproof and windproof, and the hood on the jacket is great.

Nike-Element-Shield-Mens-Running-Tights-555026_010_A Nike-Element-Shield-Max-Mens-Running-Jacket-503151_010.jpg-hei=400&wid=300&fmt=png


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