Knighthood Eve

I’m prepping for tomorrow’s knighthood session. I won’t call it an attempt, at this point, because There Is No Try: I’m doing it.

The plan is to rise and shine early to eat and have a coffee, then to start at 7 am EST. I’m going to begin with There Is No Try and end with It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time. Other than that, I’m going to put all the names into a hat and draw as I go to keep it random. If I pull Extra Shot or the Long Scream, I’ll do them but they won’t count.

I’ll be posting updates during breaks if I have time on my Facebook page.

This ride is raising donations of small goods and money for Hetrick Martin Institute and Ali Forney Center, two NYC organizations doing amazing things for homeless LGBT youth. To find out what I’m collecting and how you can be involved, click here.

Time to set up the water bottles, set out the kits, and drink more water!


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